Technical support solution has been developed over a long timespan. It is well known for its accuracy, high output and reliability. At the same time, the system depends on many external forces, including the hardware condition, interaction with third-party products, personnel qualification, and many other factors. It is important to keep the system running smoothly, all the while maintaining the financial records properly. To lower the risk of faults and improve the customer experience, our company offers the Tech support service, which guarantees quick and efficient response to any issues you might encounter. Out technical support will answer to any request related to our products within the strict waiting period of 8 hours. Whenever needed, remote configuration of your servers by NetUP specialists is also provided.

To obtain the tech support by phone, one has to be properly authenticated.
To learn more, call +7 (495) 510-1025, or contact us via e-mail:

NetUP technical support operates as follows: the client’s contact person creates a ticket in NetUP Hotline giving as accurate description of the problem as possible. The ticket is then sent to a queue and dealt with on common ground. The particular waiting time may depend on the severity of the problem, as well as on the completeness of the problem description.

Our support services include:

  • Regular update packages provided for download by the client at the NetUP web site.
  • Special updates provided upon the client’s request.
  • Access to the NetUP Hotline system with guaranteed response within 24 worktime hours.
  • Telephone consulting of one authenticated client’s employee on all IPTV related questions, as long as those does not imply further investigation, complex diagnostics, inquiring into the inner documentation or source code of NetUP products, or consulting with another division within NetUP.
  • Diagnostics of IPTV-related issues.
  • Solving the problems with IPTV solution functionality, except those caused by improper handling of its components by the client.

The following items are NOT included in support services and not provided (unless upon a custom agreement):

  • Consulting on issues related to deprecated software, once its support has been discontinued.
  • Consulting on issues related to open source software.
  • Consulting on issues related to custom modifications of IPTV software.
  • Consulting on database structure and altering thereof.
  • Consulting multiple representatives of the client, or consulting a third party.
  • Creation of users, tariff plans, services, media contents, reports preparation and other routine work which is a part of normal operation, described in the documentation, and normally intended to be performed by the client’s own staff.
  • Solving of any IPTV-related issues caused by improper handling of IPTV components by the client.
  • Solving of any IPTV-related issues caused by third-party hardware or software.
  • Solving of any IPTV-related issues that could and should be solved by the client without assistance.
  • Setup and support of any third-party hardware and software.
  • Other services not mentioned explicitly in the agreement.

Terms and conditions

  • All cooperation with the NetUP technical support should be done exclusively by the single dedicated employee of the client. Clients should timely inform NetUP of their current dedicated employee’s position, contact information and changes thereof.
  • Clients must provide all technical information necessary for access to and remote management of their equipment upon reasonable request from NetUP. Otherwise the technical support can not be guaranteed.
  • Issues are processed based on tickets in the NetUP Hotline system. Clients must create a separate ticket for each issue. A ticket must contain comprehensive description of the problem at hand. Tickets that relate multiple problems, or are too vague, will not be processed.
  • A ticket is given a number. This number you may have to provide during authentication.
  • NetUP technical support works from 10:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m., Moscow time (GMT+4).
  • Response time for tickets on issues with components is guaranteed to be under 8 working hours.
  • Response time for tickets on issues with third-party software or hardware is guaranteed to be under 24 working hours, and NetUP may not be able to resolve the issue if it requires some crucial information from the third party, in which case the client may proceed to communicate directly to the provider of the said software or hardware.
  • Client’s phone calls to NetUP should not last longer than 15 minutes, and there is a limit of 3 calls per working day from one client. NetUP may deny phone consultation if the call is overly long or the issue too complex; in that case the client is encouraged to fill a ticket in the NetUP Hotline.
  • When a ticket requires further investigation and problem diagnostics, or a bug fix in NetUP solution, the corresponding task is planned and the expected completion time communicated to the client within three hours.
  • Upon receiving any testing or repair scripts or patches the client must apply those in reasonable time and send back their output (if any) to NetUP. If this can not be done shortly thereafter, the client must inform NetUP of the expected completion time. The waiting time for the corresponding ticket is extended accordingly.
  • If a client has created multiple tickets, the guaranteed maximum waiting time for all tickets except one is extended for the duration of processing of that one ticket (by default, the last one, though the client may specify which of the tickets is the most urgent). A phone call to NetUP prolongs the waiting time in a similar manner for the duration of the call.

Client authentication

When obtaining technical support from NetUP via the phone, you must provide your ID and the code word. You may find these in your personal cabinet.